Thelma Herzl

Painter - Sculptor - Photographer

"Natural Land Art — Born of volcanic ash ..."

"When the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland blew in 2010, Thelma Herzl couldn’t stay away. Raised in Iceland but living in Austria, Ms. Herzl is a collagist, sculptor and land artist, but here all she had to do was look hard and photograph formations — natural land art — born of volcanic ash. The recommended musical pairing for these images, which take us back to our primal origins as the guts of the earth met the sea, are the ethereal Icelandic soundscapes of Sigur Ros."

- The New York Times (Cory Reynolds)


Thelma Herzl grew up in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Living variously in Copenhagen, Paris and London, she eventually put down roots in Austria in the early 1970s. At the heart of Thelma Herzl’s artistic development lays her childhood experience of the Icelandic landscape.


Manifestations of the Subconscious.

„ …The brain, which by nature not only searches for patterns, but interprets the overall impression made by an object, and codes it with emotions, is probe to occasionally recognising in the manifold structures of these pieces of information that is clearly not inscribed by nature - except to those who believe in the extrasensory activities of the spiritual world.“

- Anton Ingvar Herzl


Morphing the Past into the Present.

Working with fashion images of herself shot by Guy Bourdin and other photographers of her time, Thelma Herzl is transforming her role as the object in view to the creator of a new perspective.